Assistant Ski Guide Alpine Skills Training

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I have recently been accepted into the ACMG Assistant Ski Guide Program. This program consists of three training modules, Alpine Skills, Mechanized Guide Training, and Ski Touring Guide Training. I just finished the Alpine Skills Week in the Bugaboos.

The group of seven guys, myself, and two Instructors met at the Brisco General Store, where we then convoyed up to the CMH Bugaboo Ski Lodge. The morning was spent in the guides room going over the program introduction, followed by a great lunch thanks to CMH.  We then slogged in heavy packs and spent the next 5 days 4 nights at the Conrad Kain Hut . The agenda for the course was packed with rope and alpine skills training in and around the hut. It was an awesome course, looking forward to the rest of the program!!

Thanks to everyone on the course, the instructors for the great demonstration and motivation, CMH, and the Conrad Kain Hut for hosting our big crew!

Very much excited for the change in seasons, now we (skiers) wait patiently! let it snow let it snow

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