Winter Solstice. Sunny Alpine. Smiling Faces.

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There is nothing better than a sunny day in the alpine, standing on a snow covered summit, and skiing amazing untracked powder. Yesterday was one of those days that made me smile all day. . .  and it was not just because my cheeks were frozen!

Kate, Sam, and I started up the Asulkan Valley towards Sapphire Col, and then climbed the west ridge of Castor; a sub peak of  Mount Jupiter.  On the summit  (2777m) Kate and I serenaded Sam with a “Happy Birthday”song:)

Carefully down climbing off the summit, I was happy to click into my skis again!  We skied  south onto the Swanzy Glacier, with a short bump to the Col, and fresh tracks down the Lily Glacier.  With daylight fading we managed to milk every last bit of light, skiing out of the Loop Brook Valley.  Skis off and thumbs out. . .lucky to hitch a ride back to the Asulkan Parking lot where we left my truck.

another great day in the alpine 🙂

 Jupiter in the distance

under the cleaver

Sapphire Col

Kate getting to the top

always smiles on the summit

Sam the Birthday Boy

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