Recommended for a good time !


ACMG: Assistant Ski Guide Touring Training.

I just recently finished the 3rd of the 3 Assistant Ski Guide Training courses. This last course was the ski touring course held on the Coast.  We spent 7 days training and ski touring around the Whistler and Duffey Lake area. Most of this terrain was new to me, making the training difficult and a great learning experience . The challenge of on-sighting terrain from your map is such a great skill to have and something I find challenging and exciting trying to perfect.

The course was instructed by three very knowledgeable Mountain Guides, Steve Ludwig, Helen Sovdat, and Matt Peter. We spent one day skiing off Whistler Resort, three days two nights of winter camping on the Duffey, and our last day off Blackcomb Ski Resort.

With good feedback and coaching along the way I have now been recommended to take the ACMG Assistant Ski Guide Exam!

Looking like the Rockies. . .STOKED !!

Now It is back to “Training” !!

Kate Devine, my aspiring ski guide partner in crime!

(we have no fun at all)

The bad skiing, makes great training !

Video of days skiing with friends

The Coast Part 1

The Coast Part 2

2 thoughts on “Recommended for a good time !”

  1. Dave says:

    Wonderful videos
    Imaging skiing , the look feel, talent and music celebrates the back country!

  2. Fred GIRARD says:

    Great post !!! I like it.
    Winter is also good in the french Alps…

    I need go skiing after that.

    Good luck !

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