High Pressure Continues. . .

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 Here are some pictures from the last two days.

Tuesday Feb.14th: Joey, Mark, and I chased Greg Hill up to the summits of North Fidelity and Corbins.

Wednesday Feb.15th: Julie, Zoya, Conor and I went for a wander in the southern Selkirks to find great skiing, sunshine, and a summit.

Now it is off to the coast, heading into Whitecap Alpine Touring for a week of skiing (training) stoked to go back. .  check it out if you haven’t : http://www.whitecapalpine.ca/

Me skiing off Fidelity in my New Arc’teryx outfit !!

Photo Credit Joey Vosburgh

Summit of Corbin’s and our ski run down.

Mark up’in on the boot pack.

Joey on the descent of Corbin’s


Zoya’s got POW!

Ridge walk home.

Conor showboating

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