3 1/2 Days

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What do you get when you combine GOOD friends, weather, stability, snow, and three and a half days ?

Heartstrings: tick

Cayoosh, Million Dollar Couloir: tick

Matier: tick

Slalok: tick

Mt Currie Pencil Couloir: tick

The Team on the summit of Slalok 

left to right: Ross Berg, Alex Wigley, Christina Lusti, Veronika Vackova, and Lars Andrews 


Top of Heartstrings

Million Dollar Snow? Million Dollar Couloir !!

Photo credit: Alex Wigley 

Alex Wigley making millions!

Setting out for Matier and Slalok !!

Summit ridge of Matier.

Summit of Matier.

Down climbing in the fog

Skinning away from an amazing day !

Mount Currie Heli drop

Pencil Couloir

Heli smiles !

Climbing up the south face of Mount Currie


getting into it

Alex Wigley, Deep pow in the Pencil Couloir.

Veronika shows the boys whats up!!

hiking out

Mount Currie. . . until next time !


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