ACMG Assistant Ski Guide

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Four Years ago this spring I stepped away from a life of competitive ski racing ,after retiring from alpine racing I knew where I wanted to spend my time and energy . . . the mountains!  Hanging up the skinny 184cm GS skis was a easy decision, so I moved to Revelstoke and started up my new path of becoming a Ski Guide. In 2008-2009 I  spent my first season away from alpine racing coaching the Revelstoke Ski Club and ski touring around the area. After being accepted into Thompson Rivers University, I spent  the winter’s of 2009-2010, 2010-2011 completing the Adventure Guide Diploma.

Once finished with TRU I decided I would apply for the ACMG assistant ski guide program, the plan being if I didn’t get in I would spend my season in Europe adventuring around  the ski mountaineering scene and seeing the alps from a different view!

*Visiting Europe This Winter 2012-2013 🙂

Getting accepted into the program mid summer stoked the motivation, and so the training started! The program consists of three training camps; Alpine Skills, Mechanized Guiding; and Ski Touring, and a 9 day ski mountaineering exam in the spring. My Winter consisted of epic ski mountaineering, deep BC powder skiing, adventures in the mountains, and of course training days.

After a long season of training and preparing for my assistant ski guide exam . . . the anticipation and the excitement of the long term goal was just beginning. The assistant ski guide exam took place at Sorcerer Lodge and Benedict Creek base camp giving us the opportunity to ski in remote glaciated terrain based out of both a tent base camp and hut.

The exam is 9 days long with 7 days of ski mountaineering, I enjoyed my time on the exam. . . how could I not? The weather and conditions were amazing and I was with a great crew of people!

After completing the ski exam there was a two week waiting period to find out official results. Checking my email close to 5 times a day, I was very excited to find out I am now a ACMG Assistant Ski Guide!!!

In alpine racing, goals are reached in about 2 minutes on a race course, this goal was 9 days! With years of training . . . I love how the sport of skiing has shaped my life, it is an amazing sport and I feel fortunate to have created two amazing careers out of it!

I am curious and excited to see where ski guiding will take me, so cheers to many more great adventures with amazing people !

see you can have fun on exams!!! still smiling day 4 🙂

Glacier walking

Sorcerer Lodge

Iconoclast beauty

Camp living . . . ham in a can !

Northern Selkirks beauty.


Benedict Creek Base Camp.

Thanks Arcteryx and Rossignol for a great season !

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