Getting ready for the goods.

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After a long summer I guess it is about time to start thinking about the go go go time . . . It has been great to look back and reflect on last season, and only makes the future more exciting.

A few things are new . . .

This will be my first full season as an Arcteryx athlete. I was fortunate enough to be able to join the Arc’teryx athletes camp this fall. The camp consisted of a tour of the Vancouver factory, afternoon classroom session at the head office, and some adventure time in Squamish . After some great education on the product, industry, and social media we headed to Squamish for some action. It was crazy to see all of the energy that is created when you put athletes together. We definitely spent our time wisely with bouldering sessions, two trips up the chief, a full day climbing at the bluffs and some great meals with the team .

Staff /Athletes session, no windows for maximum attention !

Kruk Climbing lesson # 1

I hope we can do another camp soon, next time on skis!

Thanks to The Arcteryx Staff for the great camp.

With the ski season just around the corner . . . and my first season guiding as a ACMG Assistant ski guide. I am very excited about my mixed bag of guiding work ahead of me. I was recently hired by Canadian Mountain Holidays (CMH), I think it will be a great learning experience for me to work and train with some of the best ski guides in the world.

I will also be going back up to the magical Whitecap Alpine Touring Lodge on the coast. I am very excited about this, Whitecap has it all.

Amazing skiing, great food (thanks Kinley), and fun times.

Some equipment news:

                                                      Should be a great season working with Dynastar Lange product.

                                                  Made in Chamonix, a place that is high on the hit list for this season!

                                           Check out the new Dynastar Cham Skis @

check out the new Lange XT boot

Now we just wait patiently for the excitement of our first turns, high fives and big smiles!

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