The Big Mountain Tour: Volkl BMT

How do you explain a place so special, a moment that stands out, a style of living? The ski season is a collaboration of acquiring moments, surrounding your self with inspiration, most importantly joining like minded people to explore places with wonder and excitement. Balancing great slogs with adventures, and safety with everyday crux decisions.
This is why we go to new places traveling in a team, working together. I am lucky to have team-mates with a similar style of skiing, taking pride in mountain craft… we learn and share strengths of each other.
United in Chamonix the BMT team started looking at options for the next project. The storm looked like it would hit harder down south. So Ian Mackintosh, Stian Hagen, Austin Ross and I packed up the gear and drove to La Grave.
Arriving in the dark La Grave’s village lights lit up the side of the hill, on the other side of the valley you could see the silhouette of the what you could imagine to be big ski terrain. Waking up to fresh snow on the terrace is a skiers dream, seeing light above breaking clouds fills us with the possiblitliy of a magical blue bird powder day.
We spent the next four days exploring the terrain with the local knowledge from Joe Vallone, getting some impressive La Grave Classics some of the best conditions. Everything about the La Grave trip stood out, I left the valley knowing I would be back and I had only just seen a small corner of what this valley has to offer a skier.
nh4DRgMSM9iTVnkPJSKU9L8mICNziRhgPKimHRQlN6sAustin Ross, Christina Lusti, Lagrave, Francephoto:Adam Clarkfcee7e97f2nK_gd7vOOeXlgs4_u62FxYvxiAU7sLzqpHuxsWhCNrY,MCvYaxrhYYYSBQgwbiHvotdmElnMv_vWF3kUscw99X042e121c137vEgRv_hrc4vzI0OQr-dZWZsJvsdIYkIEOU4-lyWZ80E,vfJMIQsv6JJzQZfxnWSaVIbFfmEX3KWtzCETo597rdg-1
BQgXVeH8RQ99YDk8pfB2oMMaRgeEhbyCHyYs6AzIV8c ce3292b57d Christina Lusti, Lagrave, Francephoto:Adam Clark 259da069d8 Ian McIntosh, Christina Lusti, Lagrave, Francephoto:Adam Clark6bdf0cb8f2
La Grave delivered is so many ways.

3 thoughts on “The Big Mountain Tour: Volkl BMT”

  1. Nice!! How are the BMT 109 to ski?!? Deciding between them, V-Werks Katana or the Dynafit Huascaran… Three pretty decent options I suppose… 😁

  2. great! thanks for a quick answer. then i trust you and go for that πŸ˜‰
    i have for many years been on the “metal katana” and loooove it. But not being 25 no more (rather 42) the drops have become smaller (read: practically non-existing) and the speed taken down a notch from mach 1,5 to something a bit more responsible(?), which in turn means it was time to find something lighter.
    The hassle of dragging those heavy Katanas to the top has made me dream about something lighter. Do note that I also toured with the Kuro a couple of times. Haha. Think only the skins to fit those weigh as much as the BMT ski. Haha…
    Anyhooo… I was now looking for something lighter on the way up but with awesomeness (although maybe not with the out-of-this-world stability that the metal-Katanas bring at (too) high speeds, since I just don’t need that no more) on the way down. I think the BMT will be right on the spot. And maybe the BMT actually brings the same level of stability as the old Katanas btw…?
    And since one of my buddies already drives the carbon Katana I gotta come with something else and even newer, right? πŸ˜‰
    Thanks again for taking your time to answer. I will for sure let you know how they ski also on the level of a bit of a has-been πŸ™‚ Looks like I won’t get no chance to try them before mid/end of January, though…

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